Bàn cầu thông minh công nghệ cao cho mọi không gian sống hiện đại, tiện nghi và đẳng cấp

89,990,000 vnd



Size & Proportions

Depth 635mm
Height 524mm
Width 365mm


Thiết kế kiểu không két nước (tankless) gọn gàng với hiệu quả xả mạnh mẽ, công nghệ vệ sinh và kháng khuẩn hàng đầu tạo không gian sạch sẽ và trong lành làm hài lòng mọi yêu câu về một sản phẩm bàn cầu tích hợp cao cấp


Cad Files

Installation Files

3d max files



Aqua ceramic technology

With Aqua Ceramic, contaminants are easily washed away with water. You will not have to spend extra time cleaning, saving cleaning costs and maintaining the brightness of 100 years.


Shower toilet technology

Automatic washing function Provides warm water for a pleasant and comfortable feeling The nozzle head operates smoothly while using for a larger self-cleaning area There is a front nozzle that provides a gentle and clean feeling Allow alternating between light spray and powerful spray - a massage effect that brings a pleasant feeling The nozzle head washes itself with hot water before and after using, ensuring hygiene for the next time Ag + ions prevent the growth of bacteria that meet ISO 22196 SIAA standards for antimicrobial effectiveness (only seated pedestals) Warm air is quick and gentle, bringing clean, safe and convenient when not using toilet paper The nozzle is placed behind the shield, maintaining clean when not in use. The lid is easily to clean and hygienic Removing and installing wash covers is simple and fast, convenient for cleaning toilet seats Spray for women to bring light, smooth feeling The nozzle head is removable for easy cleaning, maintenance and replacement Heating the pedestal, feels comfortable to use, warmest in the cold season