Good Design Award recognizes the outstanding design of the INAX S200 LINE Collection

28 October 2021

INAX wins seven prizes at the prestigious Good Design Award, Japan’s most historic design awards program run by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion (JIDP). The winners include five products from the Japanese market and two from the global S200LINE collection and S200 LINE toilet.

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The following are the evaluation comments for the S200LINE Collection and S200LINE Toilets.

Bathroom Collection [S200 LINE Collection]:
<Publication Comments> The company conducted a field survey and clearly targeted the needs of the young middle class in the emerging countries of Southeast Asia, where demand is expanding. The results of the survey are well expressed in the design.
The compact and simple design creates a sense of cohesion that is expected to enhance the quality of homes.


Toilet [S200 LINE Toilets].
<Publication Comments> Although this is a toilet bowl in the mid-price range, the design is very carefully processed and beautiful, even down to the invisible parts on the backside. The compact and simple design creates a sense of cohesion that is expected to enhance the quality of homes.

Among the winners, “Toilet Remote Controller” for shower toilets, “AUTOMAGE GOOSENECK TYPE”, “AUTOMAGE MX”, and “AUTOMAGE A” had also received the IF and Red Dot Design Awards in 2021, two of the world’s most valued design competitions.

BrandNo.CategoryProduct Name
1ToiletS200 LINE Toilets
2Bathroom CollectionS200 LINE Collection
3Toilet remote controlToilet Remote Controller [354-1848 etc.]
7Shower headEco aqua shower SPA

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About the Good Design Award


The Good Design Award is the only comprehensive design evaluation and recommendation movement in Japan, originating from the Good Design Product Selection System established in 1957. Over the past 60 years, the Good Design Awards have been developed as a movement to improve Japanese industry and lifestyle culture through design, and the total number of awards has reached more than 45,000. Today, the Good Design Award is a global design award with the participation of many companies and organizations in Japan and abroad. The “G Mark,” the symbol of the Good Design Award, is widely known as a symbol of outstanding design.


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