INAX is continuously developing new technologies, transforming bathrooms from mere functional necessities for personal hygiene, to beautiful and comfortable spaces that refresh and energize people’s mental and physical state. Delivering new values from users’ perspectives, INAX’s innovations continue to not only lead the industry in Japan but also influence the global market.


100 Years of Clean

Aqua Ceramic material is a milestone in the history of ceramics. Stubborn soil washes away with a simple flush. The smooth, stain-repellant surface prevents unsightly hard water buildup and spots, so the bowl stays fresh and gleams like new after cleaning. With this revolutionary development, whiteness and shine can last a century.

Please see 100 years of clean

tech-aquaceramic1.jpgaqua ceramic (60 seconds)


INAX’s shower toilets are forever evolving in both function and design to deliver further comfort and satisfaction INAX’s passion is to manufacture creative products that help people live well. Starting with the launch of our first made in-Japan shower toilet in 1967, we have consistently continued our quest for new technologies, always in pursuit of what customers might need or want, bringing more comfort and cleanliness to people’s lives.


INAX's shower toilets feature a rear-wash nozzle and another dedicated for the female bidet function. Unique to INAX, the dual nozzle structure caters to women's concerns about cleaning their intimate area with the rear-wash nozzle.


Through its super-hydrophilic performance and adopting a structure that prevents the buildup of limescale, AQUA CERAMIC allows the toilet bowl to retain its shine for 100 years with simple daily cleaning.


This innovative technology achieves a powerful deodorizing effect by circulating a curtain of air within the toilet bowl which prevents the odors from escaping, keeping the toilet area fresh and pleasant.


Triple vortex flush technology harnesses the force of three jet streams to powerfully and efficiently flush the entire surface of the bowl, ensuring an unprecedented level of hygiene.


Automatically creating a 5–15mm thick micro foam with a bubble diameter of 400μm (micrometers) or less in the toilet bowl, this new technology developed in 2016 helps reduce urine splash.


AutoSeat, launched in 1992, automatically lifts the lid and seat when the user approaches the toilet and lowers upon exit, providing a hygienic alternative to raising the toilet seat by hand.


INAX’s unique colored ceramic with smooth matte finishes is the fruit of our technical expertise, built on our heritage of developing tiles in partnership with architects and designers.

INAX has a hundred years of experience in manufacturing custom made ceramic tiles that measured up to the needs and ideals of many architects and designers, starting with Frank Lloyd Wright. Our ceramic technology is built on a wealth of techniques, knowledge, and experiences, accumulated over decades of research, development, and manufacturing in pursuit of optimal colors and textures. It is this ceramic technology that makes possible the luxurious feel and expression of the matte black SATIS.


Refined, superior ceramic wash basins, bringing together INAX’s innovative technology and its passion for contemporary design

Delicately designed with super-thin edges, Cerafine's beautiful wash basins have a refined look and feel. The modern design adopts gentle curves that resemble a Torii gate or a shrine or a blade of a Japanese sword. This simple curved line called "Sori" not only represents a strength and functionality but also embodies Japanese spirit and sensibilities such as serenity and quality.

For its plane proportion, CERAFINE adopts the silver ratio. Traditionally used in Japanese architecture, the silver ratio enhances the beauty of the blank space, contributing to CERAFINE's exquisite Japanese Zen design. Through technological innovation, CERAFINE has achieved the impossible - delicate ultra-thin vessel while ensuring durable quality.




Incorporating the AQUA CERAMIC technology, CERAFINE prevents attachment of dirt on the surface and the buildup of hard water stains, making it easy to retain its shine with simple daily cleaning.



Made with our new clay that maintains its strength and does not deform during firing, the large but delicate CERAFINE vessel is a result of over three years of research and development and 800 prototypes.


Ergonomic design and sophisticated engineering perfecting a comfortable and refreshing showering experience, just by a push and turn of a button.

Integrating the faucet with a shelf, Intelligent Control enhances the space utilization within the bathroom while ensuring the minimum space to place the necessary items. The details are carefully designed to fit in total harmony within the overall bathroom space and secure ease of cleaning, such as a slight edge on the shelf to prevent items from falling off, a slit at the back to prevent water from pooling, an easy-to-grip shower handle, and a head-size calculated to provide a comfortable shower. Intelligent Control allows you to enjoy your customized shower experience every time by simply pre-setting your preferred temperature and volume of water.

The shower starts and stops by pushing the button.
Users can adjust the water by turning the dial.


Artistic Japanese tiles inspired by traditional motifs, designed to create stylish spaces harnessing the Japanese spirit of hospitality. INAX offers an extensive collection of high-quality design tiles, inspired by Japanese culture. The Japanese have long lived in harmony with nature, the appreciation of which has continued to be essential motifs for art and culture in Japan. INAX’s brand tiles build on the unique Japanese sensitivities towards the beauty of nature, such as the changing seasonal hues, the rural scenery, the flow of waves, and more. Incorporating traditional motifs and techniques, they offer a dynamic play of light and shadow, created through intricately designed shapes or carefully calculated differences in thickness. Their sophisticated, stylish ambiance is sure to enable our customers to create beautiful, modern spaces.




Iraka, roofs of traditional Japanese houses, are made with ceramic tiles that collectively create a picturesque image of waves formed in the sky. Similarly, the spatial formation using CRESCENT BORDER tiles, individually shaped in the form of a crescent moon, presents a laced arrangement that looks like ocean waves shining with moonlight.



The Japanese have traditionally expressed the wonders of nature by portraying the changes of the four seasons in sweets such as Yohkan, a classic thick jellied confection made from beans. Like the gradation of colors in the scenery, YOHEN BORDER offers a spectrum of subtle color differences across every single piece.



Woven geometry can be found all around the world. Baskets and colanders woven from bamboo have been implements used in Japan for centuries. A piece-by-piece combination of beauty emerges from simple, regular patterning, and results in bold shading that transcends East and West. The appearance is decidedly impressive.


Innovative technology underlying beauty and design. ECOCARAT ceramic interior tiles freshen the air and control humidity, enhancing comfort in the home.



Highly precise decoration, designed to surpass the original beauty. With the designers’ thorough knowledge of the materials used as motifs and enhanced decorating techniques, INAX can now express the real texture of stones and wood through colors and patterns. As INAX can now continuously produce complexly patterned tiles, the resulting interior will have a more natural atmosphere.


ECOCARAT tiles are attractive, functional interior ceramic materials that offer exceptional odor reduction and humidity and condensation control. Produced from a natural clay-like mineral, ECOCARAT breathes through its countless micro- pores, refreshing the air by eliminating odors from toilets, food, cigarettes, and pets, and reducing harmful substances in the atmosphere, such as formaldehyde and toluene. It also maintains the humidity level to a comfortable level, preventing the spread of mites and molds and helping to keep the skin soft and moist. A range of ECOCARAT tiles is now available in various designs to transform both homes and public spaces both functionally and aesthetically.

ECOCARAT’s air-freshening effects differ depending on environmental conditions such as the room in which it is used, weather, ventilation, etc.