Inspired by the fresh beauty of nature, Glazed Mosaic with cool colors help the living space become more airy and peaceful. Design suitable for any project.

Màu sắc

884,000 VND/M²

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Size & Proportions

Piece/sheet 12
Quantity/carton 22
Sheet/m2 11.7
Size/piece 45 x 145 mm
Size/sheet 296 x 288 mm
Thickness 7.0 mm
Type Mosaic
Weight/carton 24 kg


  • Thi công bằng vữa inax
  • Khả năng chống tia tử ngoại cao
  • Khả năng chống thấm cao
  • Khả năng chống xước cao
  • Khả năng chống hoá chất cao
  • Khả năng chống cháy cao
  • Dễ dàng vệ sinh

INAX-355/GLM -1

INAX-355/GLM -1

INAX-355/GLM -2

INAX-355/GLM -2

INAX-355/GLM -3

INAX-355/GLM -3


You can calculate necessary cartons per area. Please input square meters or square feet, then you can get approximate number of cartons.

* For series with multiple shapes, please select model number before input area.

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