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20 November 2019

9 INAX Brand Products Receive Good Design Awards in 2019

LIXIL Group Corporation’s 9 INAX brand products received 2019’s Good Design Awards, presented by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion. The awards recognized 9 products that offered both the functionalities that respond to people’s needs and excellent design. Amongst them was the ultra-thin, elegantly articulated CERAFINE wash basin series that express the Japanese sensibility through the beautiful use of space, made possible by developing a revolutionary clay.

10 November 2019

INAX MUSEUMS' Kiln Plaza reopened

INAX MUSEUMS’ Kiln Plaza reopened with new exhibits after three-year conservation work, passing on 100 years’ history of Tokoname’s modern ceramics industry to future generations.

01 August 2019

INAX Exhibition in Milan Design Week 2019 has set great start for global expansion

INAX “The Rituals of Water” Exhibition in Milan has inspired the well-known media infinite imagination of Japanese-style bathroom space and life and gained great coverage. This set great start for INAX global expansion and launch of S600 LINE and S400 LINE.

28 May 2019

INAX unveiled "The Rituals of Water" at Kitchen & Bath China 2019

The new collections, S400 LINE and S600 LINE, that convey "The Rituals of Water" have inspired the public's infinite imagination of Japanese-style bathroom space and life.

24 May 2019

INAX unveils new collections at Kitchen & Bath China 2019

S400LINE and S600LINE, the new collections reflect INAX's design values and signature elements, which convey Japanese aesthetics in a contemporary style.